Friday, October 22, 2010

The Real House Wife - A Fabulous Doer and The Ultimate Organizer

There has been several season with house wife reality shows in Sweden and I am sure in the USA too (I seldom watch any TV over here) . These shows have had its share of viewers who either just envies the house wives or just hate them and don´t like their behavior on television.

Now, I have realized that I will be wearing the title "house wife" myself - for a year. But the big difference between myself and the real rich house wives, is that I am not married to a rich husband and we are not close to as wealthy or glamorous as those exposed on television. But I must say my days do look a little bit a like theirs.. LOL.

I work out at the gym, almost every day, and I have stared to golf. I eat lunch with my friends - almost every day! And I shop everything from make up, clothes, shoes, house decoration, I run to the hairdresser, and I do manicure and pedicure every other week. I am on line where ever I go, with iphone and soon an ipad. I do dinner out with girlfriends and we do what the reality wives do on televisions too - gossip!

But then there is a different side of a house wife too. Maybe more for me than the reality show house wives with lots of money. I do clean my house by myself, I do all grocery shopping, I cook dinners, I do laundry, I spend 3 hours in the car every day picking up and dropping of kids at school and activities every day. I volunteer, I help out at school and daycare. I plan dinner parties, I plan vacations, I deal with banks, insurance people, the gardner and the pool people. I spend hours trying to fix printers and non-functioning high-tech stuff.. I deal with every single problem that arrises. - NOT that glamorous! Rather tiering to tell the truth.

When this year has passed and I will be putting my House Wife title away, I am planning to translate it and add it onto my CV as the greatest Event planner and the most fabulous ultimate organizer.

I have this year become constantly creative and when a problem occurs it will always be solved no matter what, and if required also communicated in a different language (thank you google translator). I know how to handle small children who are acting up and still keep a perfectly normal conversation with an adult. Within a very short time frame I can be prepared for any event at any time. I can see the broad perspective on things and I am also the most perfect organizer - by the minute. My line of work also requires constant muli-tasking knowledge. I am a very flexible person since my every day schedule some how always change. I am also used to long work hours - usually between 0630 - midnight.
Through my everyday interaction with people from the friend level to the higher end, I have become very knowledgeable in the field of human behavior and I read people easily. Being able to interact with different people I have also become quite the diplomate and with my extensive network of friends from all over the world I can easily access information that would be hard to come by if you are not a native... .....WOW! All this, every day and always looking fabulous! *smiling*

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SPOOKY Halloween approaching!

Halloween is approaching fast - an American tradition held high in the USA. Even us Swedes are more and more adapting this commercial event that it is in the US. The decoration, the parties, the costumes and the trick or treat hunt for candy.

But as all commercial events there is plenty of business around it and fun to watch and enjoy. This pumpkin patch happened this Friday night. The kids had a great opportunity of great fun with horseback riding, and jumping castles. The last event of the evening was to go on a tractor with wagon out into the woods on a trail decorated with spooky ghosts, spider, cats and other carractors associated with Halloween. The kids were exited and at the end of the trail we reached the bon fires and hot dogs and marshmallows. Unfortunately, the evening turn soon pitch black and non of us, the kids or I, enjoyed standing there on a field in the woods having no other light source than the small bon fires and the stars up high in the sky. We all wanted to go home at that point!

Decorating with pumpkins are important and one can find pumpkins in most stores to decorate. We did it last year home in Sweden and I think they turned out pretty good. Now when we are in the original country of true pumpkin carving we plan to become professional at it.

The kids and I do look forward to the trick or treat event on October 31st. And since we have our grandmother visiting we are planning to engage her to dress up in a costume too and come out and trick or treat with us. The whole family accept for husband has chosen the costume and we are every thing from witches to pirates to death... I had a suggestion for my husband but he has not really responded to it yet... hmm wonder why?!

It is fun to go shopping for these costumes, my god, there are more than plenty to choose from. Our costume store Buttricks in Sweden stand quite small in comparison.

This is the first time our kids will experience the complete Halloween tradition as it is celebrated. And I think our kids will like it a lot. Especially the hunt for candy (trick or treat part)... and lots of candy too (like we need more of it). I can already now see how the Americans stack up with KILO bags of candy when shopping. I have decided to wait for the purchase of the candy until the last minute otherwise there will be a high risk of us eating of it before the actual trick or treaters will nock on our door. But the "100 dollar store" - Costco, will have plenty to offer us consumers and get prepared for this last day of October.