Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is my healty year - No room for Junk Food

This year will be a healthy year and I will have no room for junk food. I have now promised myself to get better at living a healthy lifestyle and get better at physical activities and what I will be eating. As a full time working women and mom there is very little time for myself and the quick solutions have been sometime a must to survive. But this year gives me an opportunity for a change. I will have half the due load which gives me the chance to focus on myself and my family’s health.

The previous years I lived in the States I have always gained about 22,05 lbs (10Kg)due to all the junk food I had. This time around, I am fully aware of all the bad things, such as fried food, twinkies, several different types cookies which comes in different shapes and color, donuts, coke or other sodas, burgers with fries and the 1000 of different cereal brands, sweated products and the ease of dining out and its larger portions and the Starbucks cafe latte topped with vanilla syrup. I can already now see the weight gain. I do hope my awareness of all these traps of goodies will help, and the notion that they will help me gain weight, will keep me away from them. But the difficulty will be to have my kids understand all those appealing things in the store is most likely not good for you – I already see the conflict coming and that they become mad at me saying NO NO. My son is already believing he has moved to heaven – because he sees coke every where.

But there is an alternative. The States do have the extreme in every thing, which means that I will most likely also find very good and healthy food, even if the stereotypical says the opposite. But the food alone will not help, physical activity is also an important part in staying healthy and a good choice is the YMCA. I have already visited the "Y" and will have a full membership going upon our arrival. The kids will be enrolled in swimming classes and I will have a daily physical activity with them and myself through out the year. I hope for a good change.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My life in a Volvo

I will probably spend a large amount of time in a car my year in the USA. Just dropping off and picking kids up from school and daycare, shopping, or going anywhere.. even when going to my work out... I will be in my car. So I will probably do a lot of thinking, blogging, face-booking etc via a phone in my new Volvo. So any headline starting with "My Life in a Volvo" you will at least know where I am - going somewhere in a car - in my Volvo.

I never thought I would buy a Volvo. But I guess I am comparable to the stereotypical owner of a Volvo car - 2 kids, house, safety safety, but at least we don’t have a dog. I will not get one either. I usually don’t want to follow the main stream or obey for the stereotypical. But in this case I will no longer fight back. I like my choice. And it is nice to have a safe car among many other big cars like SUV and pick-ups that I will meet on the freeway and not at least motor homes and the enormous trucks.

You probably wonder if I am paid by Volvo. I am not! I like the car however and in fact the first one I really liked among the many models they have produced. It feels a little bit more feminine. And I like the fact that I got a NEW car - it will not happen for many years to come. I cannot wait to pick it up when we arrived to the US. ITS MINE! *SMILING*

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ony eight weeks before take off..

WOW... only eight (8) weeks to go... I have lost track. Time fly pass me in the speed of lightning right now and it is above my head, and it will probably do so until we leave.

Right now am trying to clean out and sort things that should stay and things that have seen its last day. Yesterday was the kid’s room and I started off good. In the end there were no mercy - I just tossed it away. And the funny about it is that the kids have not even notice the brutal change in their room - loss of toys to play with.

My husband and I also had an interesting conversation regarding packing the house into boxes and put them in the basement for storage the year we will be in Alabama. Well, my dear husband told me not to stress because we have plenty of time to pack (8 weeks are enough according to him – Note – he will be away with work 3 of those weeks). He figured it will be done in a day...hmmm! I can tell you this: He and I are not on the same planet for the moment and will probably not be until we arrive in the US.

Monday, April 5, 2010

April snow vs. Alabama beach weather

After a wonderful Easter, weather-wise, in Sweden, we woke up in chock this morning when it was snowing.... It made me go onto the Internet looking at Alabama beaches. I probably sat there for an hour dreaming myself away...And longing for our trip which will begin in one and a half months time. What do you think I prefer - the Swedish April weather or the Alabama beach? The beach had today 72F (23C).
(the pic can be found on

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chocolate Easter eggs are good for you!

Easter Holiday is almost over... :(
What happened? When I finally have a few days off (more days then a regular weekend) the days just pass by sooooo fast! Well, at least I got things done today. After all candy I had yesterday, I had enough energy and a sudden urge to clean out the basement. I sorted and sorted and sorted and got rid of things I have not used the passed year. That felt nice! Now I am tired and need more chocolate Easter eggs. Good or bad.. But the store is just around the corner...

Friday, April 2, 2010

The “to due” list is long.

In the process of moving the “to due” list just gets longer and longer. Our home will need to go into boxes for a year. But that also requires cleaning and sorting out what needs to stay and what needs to go. I will be selling things on “ebay” or “Blocket” It is everything from toys, clothes, furniture and a car – Audi A6. Any one interested?
I am glad that we are now on Easter holiday. It will give me a few extra days, even if I could probably do other things that are more fun.

The count down has begun!

We (the family of four) are moving to the United States of America. It will be my fifth year in the States. It started over 20 years ago when I went to Washington State as an exchange student. I returned 15 years ago and landed my Bachelor degree in 1998 from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington. This time, my 5th year, I will stay in the heart of the South - Alabama. This time I will follow my husbands’ journey and I will get an experience of being a parent with two kids in school in a different country. I will also explore the world of being a "stay home mom", "soccer mom", "house wife" (terms I am not very found of) in contrast to a busy professional work life at home in Sweden. There will be many things I would like to do, explore and learn more about. I know for sure it will be a great year with many new experiences and for sure a great adventure for all four of us.

Right now we are in the process of moving. We will be arriving to Alabama in June. You are welcome to follow my blog and add comments.