Saturday, November 13, 2010

There is even a Pink hunting season i Alabama...

I am overwhelmed of all the typs of advertisements that surrounds me every day, but it is fun to read, watch and listen to them, just because they are different from home. And they are tons of them over here, on radio, TV and the big pack of paper ads that arrives every Wednesday in or mailbox.

This time of the year is must be the hunting season in Alabama, at least if I read the ads. Because in them you can buy anything for that season and what amazes me the most is the selection of different guns and fire arms one can get - even in pink if you like it!

What also makes me laugh is the many pink versions there are on things. If there is a sport activity that women participate in there has to be a pink set up of the gear - in any sport.
I who have stared golfing have been to several stores looking at clubs and every sales representative took me immediately to the pink clubs, the pink bag, the pink tees and the pink balls together with the pink clothes I should wear. I hate pink!!! And why should I choose a pink rifle going hunting? It will glow in every environment - there is not very much of kamoflash over the color pink.

But I guess ladies here in Alabama likes pink. And their husbands likes to buy pink stuff to them, according to the sales representative I spoke to when I asked who the buyer is.

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  1. Ha ha ja det där stämmer verkligen att det finns mycket rosa. Jag har också sett de där klubbsetten för golf i rosa och sådan. Men rosa bössor hade jag inte sett. Trodde inte att det var så många kvinnor i AL som faktiskt går med i jakt. Vad säger du kanske du ska skaffa dig en rosa bössa? ;-)