Monday, January 24, 2011

Insanity work out from home??

From the beginning of this trip I promised myself to get in shape. Work out and make sure my health got a high priority. I did however have a slow start and got sick and before I started to get into the routine of it half of the time here in the States had passed. But a couple of month ago I stared to get into a good routine. Now am working out 5 times a day about 1-2 hours each time. It is hard work and sometimes I wish I would see the result much faster. I guess, I just have to blame my diet. I do believe I can eat anything since I work hard every day at the gym. But as my PT said to me it is 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent physical work. So I guess, I just have 20 percent figured out *smiling*.

I have however, progressed good and the pair of jeans I bought a year ago I can pull off myself buttoned. I know I have lost at least one clothing size and a little bit more. So am even more exited about this progress, but the most exited about this is that I have really starting to enjoy cardio work outs - scary!

The problem I am facing in the near future is the return to Sweden and a normal life with full time work and children at school, their activities are awaiting me and maintaining 5 day work out might be hard to maintain. I think my body will require it since I feel already now the need of a cardio work out. One thing for sure, I cannot go back to the old life of - I just have worked too hard to get to this point.
Anyway, the other night I was watching some television and one channel showed some infomercials - they are quite funny to watch and cheesy. But one, the INSANITY work out, got my attention and I am now thinking of testing this since it got so many good reviews. I am just hoping am able to pull it off from home, how cheesy it now sounds, but that is my only options being by myself without any husband during the week days so I can get that daily cardio work out.

It seam to be a killer work out and if I were to give myself a challenge it might as well be a physical one from home. What do you think? Watch the link above and see beyond the result bla bla bla talk and focus on the actual work out... However, the greatest would be to find such a class at the gym.. that would be FUN!!!


  1. Härligt att det går så bra med träningen. Visst är det kul då man verkligen ser och känner att det ger resultat. Jag hoppas att du kan köra på lite även då du är hemma i Sverige. Även om det inte blir fem gånger i veckan så är det ju bra om du hinner 2-3 ggr i veckan. Jag kör ju fem dagar i veckan men då har jag ju inte barn och det blir ingen direkt fritid över. Jag hinner träna och laga middag vardagar men inget annat. Skulle jag ha barn och vilja träna hade jag inte kunnat jobba heltid. Keep up the good work :-)

  2. Heja Lotta!
    har faktiskt inte följt din blogg alls men kom att tänka på dig när jag hörde Sweet Home Alabama på radion och se på 17 du skriver ju fortfarande. Gissar att det inte är långt kvar nu tills du kommer hem, eller? Toppen att du lyckats med din hälsosatsning. Allt gott önskar PT-Anna.