Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January just an in-between period...

Christmas is over and January has hit us, the weather is colder and at several times we have even had colder weather then back home in Stockholm. I guess January is one of those months that is not good anywhere you are (Australia might be the exception). I think the worst part is that I feel so unprepared for this cold weather we got. Back home I know it would come, but in Alabama, where the summer so hot and the fall so much summer for me, and the fact that were are on the same latitude as northern Africa, I am not on equal terms it can be cold here. Part of this denial takes is tolls on my feet, I am still walking around barefoot in my summer loafers.

The cold weather really started when we headed back from Florida Keys (which was lovely and I will blog about later) between Christmas and New Years. When we arrived at our in-between stop in Orlando we all were only wearing sweaters and we had no jackets with us. It was nearly 32 degrees (0C). In an eight hour drive the temp dropped almost 20 degrees. The weather reports were warning for icy roads and ice storms. I have now started to adjust to the weather and actually got myself a pair of warmer shoes.

Hopefully the spring and summer weather is not far away. I just want to have as much sun and warm weather as possible before we head home, since nice weather in Sweden is not a guarantee. Alabama people tells me it will warm up in March/April, but that is an Alabama person who is used to having it HOT and that is equal to normal and they would not get into the pool before the outdoor temperature hits 30C (85F). So I am therefor hopeful it will be warm weather already in March.

This in between period I am really focusing on my fitness. I work out 5 times per week between 1-2 hours per day. I have a personal trainer once a week and she is really good. I kind of feel I need a goal since I am not working and using much of my brain capacity I have put the focus on my fitness and health and that is quite fun and I enjoy it very much. I just worry when I return home to work and our daily life how much exercise I will be able to fit into a full time working schedule? Hopefully the need of exercise is so high that I will prioritize it. I feel however, it is more difficult to get fit here than back home, but the life is also different in Sweden compared to in Alabama. Our daily life in Sweden contains so much more walking and less driving. We move around without a car from point A to B. Whereas here, we park as close to the entrance as possible and we make sure we get help in loading the car with whatever we have purchased and when we return back home we drive the car into the garage which is two steps way from the door to the house. We take the car to the park, and we take the car to the gym even if it is within walking distance. But because of the lack of sidewalks it makes it hazardous to walk and cross busy two line streets with no pedestrian street crossing.


  1. Du har så rätt i att januari inte är en speciellt kul månad någonstanns. Det är ju rätt grått och trist på de flesta håll. Kul att du kör hårt med träningen. Jag funderar på att köra med PT lite här på friskis och betala för några PT gånger iallfall. Mars och April är nice månader i Albama. Våren är superfin och den kommer du att gilla. Själva har vi precis bokat in en resa till USA och Alabama i April så det längtar jag till redan jättemycket. Usch ja vädret i Sverige och klimatet här har jag haft svårt att vänja mig vid. En dålig sommar vågar jag inte ens tänka på.

  2. Vad duktig du är som tränar så hårt! Är mkt impad! =) Kämpa på! Jag tror nog att du kommer att prioritera träningen senare när du kommer hem för det blir som en drog... kan inte sluta!

    Hoppas det går bra för barnen också på dagis och i skolan. Hur känns det för Hanna nu? Trivs hon bättre?

    Önskar Nils en trevlig födelsedag! Hälsa och gratta om vi inte hörs på Skypen.

    vi hörs! Kram kram!
    /Syster Lian