Friday, April 9, 2010

Ony eight weeks before take off..

WOW... only eight (8) weeks to go... I have lost track. Time fly pass me in the speed of lightning right now and it is above my head, and it will probably do so until we leave.

Right now am trying to clean out and sort things that should stay and things that have seen its last day. Yesterday was the kid’s room and I started off good. In the end there were no mercy - I just tossed it away. And the funny about it is that the kids have not even notice the brutal change in their room - loss of toys to play with.

My husband and I also had an interesting conversation regarding packing the house into boxes and put them in the basement for storage the year we will be in Alabama. Well, my dear husband told me not to stress because we have plenty of time to pack (8 weeks are enough according to him – Note – he will be away with work 3 of those weeks). He figured it will be done in a day...hmmm! I can tell you this: He and I are not on the same planet for the moment and will probably not be until we arrive in the US.

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  1. Hej Charlotte, kul som sagt att ni ska flytta hit och att få följa din blogg. Jag antar att ni via din makes jobb får ett möblerat hus. Vad plannerar du att packa med förutom kläder? Kommer ni få någon bil också via din makes jobb eller kommer ni att köpa bil här?