Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This years Christmas tree - an all plastic Walmart tree. The kids decorated it with ornaments in all kinds of colors and the more it shimmered and shined the better it was.

We are heading south and I really wanted to show you our Christmas card jingle we made - Rocking all the way to the beach, but the link will not work on here for some reason, so all you, who are Facebook friends with me can view the link on there instead.

We have been watching the news back home about the real winter you have. I know it is tough with all delays in traffic, shoveling snow to get the car out, or just bundle up so much to be able to spend a while out in the cold air. Well, in Alabama, that kind of weather would probably kill people, so I do not wish it over here, but I do miss the Christmas spirit the snow gives me. The Christmas feeling is far away from me even if I do have a Walmart Christmas tree, lights hanging in the trees outside and our advent star in the window. I guess, for me the snow does it all! Unfortunately, the Christmas spirit will probably be further way when we in a couple of days are setting our course south and getting into our car for a 14 hour road trip to the Southern most tip of the USA - The Florida Keys. But at least it will be relaxing and hopefully the weather will be warmer. I am not in need of doing dishes or cook for that matter. So, I will have to wait until next years Christmas and I am hoping to see as much snow than as you have this year back home... Many might not agree with me on that, but you don´t know how much you miss snow when you are far away from it and so used to it during some season...

Marry Christmas to all of you!!!

We have done our best in getting into the Christmas spirit, but I cannot say that I have succeeded.

This Christmas it is the Southern most tip of the USA who is waiting for us. It do look nice and I am looking forward to the service and getting relaxed. I am guessing the hotel will have jingle bell playing all over every lobby and pool area, but it is going to feel weird and misplaced for me who are used to winter and dark times during Christmas.

I know the kids will have a blast!!!


  1. Kanonfin gran!!! Jag tycker att barnen har gjort ett mycket bra jobb med att dekorera den. Det ska vara mycket i en äkta amerikansk gran. More is more gäller då man klär granen och ni har lyckats väl.
    Åh vad underbart att ni ska ner till Key West. Det är fantastiskt där. Ni kommer att gilla det mycket och så underbart att ni ska bila hela vägen ner. NI kommer få se massor. Vi hade inte tid att bila ner så vi flög till Ft. Lauderdale. Men det finns säkert många fina och interessanta stop att göra längst med vägen.
    Ha det gott och njuuut av värmen och solen. Ha ha kanske snön ligger kvar här tills dess att ni kommer hem med tanke på vilka mängder som kommit ;-)
    God jul!

  2. Hej. Hittade din blogg och vart nyfiken när jag såg att ni bor i Montgomery,AL. Min fästman är nämligen därifrån. =)
    Hoppas att i haft en bra jul.
    Kram Madeleine