Friday, January 28, 2011

Coupon country 15 years ago - still coupon country

Think about carry this one with you to the grocery store every time you shop! Picture borrowed from where you can learn more about how you organize yourself and your coupons...

In my collage years you are on a tight budget and getting things for a less price would be a better deal. So while at collage, I got the Sunday paper out to see if there were anything at a discount price or a coupon for it. The Sunday paper was heavy and twice the size of our Swedish daily Sunday paper DN. And cutting out the coupons took its time. But a poor student would do anything to save some dollars.

This was 15 years ago, and the Sunday paper is still filled with ads and coupon "deals"... In Sweden I haven´t seen a coupon in ages. I believe it moved on to other ways of market their products than via cut out coupons.

Every time I go to the store, I see the ladies walk with the shopping cart and a huge book with coupons sorted both left and right.
I can to some extend understand the savings you can do, and if a family/person is on a tight budget, but the time it takes to put all this together must be worth some money too?! I spend about an hour in a grocery store when I do my weekly shopping - way to much time I think. I cannot imagine how much time it would take if I had to walk up and down every aisle to find all the coupon deals in my coupon binder too. And how much does that time cost me? And I am also wondering how much saving you actually do? If you really need the product and it has a coupon well then it might be a saving. But sometimes I feel that having all these coupons tells you to look for a good deals for something you really don´t need at that particular time... But it has a coupon - its less expensive - why not!!?? hmmm?

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  1. Ja gud vad mycket kuponger de kör med. Vi hade aldrig någon dagstidning då vi bodde där så vi fick inte den där massiva söndagsbilagan. Jag var dålig på att fixa kuponger då jag skulle handla. Jag minns alltid att de frågade i kassan " ma´m do you have any cupons today?" men det brukade jag inte ha. Jag vet inte hur mycket man egentligen tjänar på att klippa ut de där kupongerna. Man får nog också räkna in tiden det tar att leta upp och klippa ut alla också. Det kan ju lätt bli ett heltidsjobb att bara ha alla kuponger. Däremot såg jag alltid till att ha kupong med mig då jag skulle till Bed bath and beyond för till den butiken fanns det alltid kuponger som gav 20% rabatt. Där skulle man aldrig handla till ordinariepris. Jag tror också på idéen att kupongerna är till för att man ska köpa mer och känna att man gör en bra deal.