Friday, April 16, 2010

My life in a Volvo

I will probably spend a large amount of time in a car my year in the USA. Just dropping off and picking kids up from school and daycare, shopping, or going anywhere.. even when going to my work out... I will be in my car. So I will probably do a lot of thinking, blogging, face-booking etc via a phone in my new Volvo. So any headline starting with "My Life in a Volvo" you will at least know where I am - going somewhere in a car - in my Volvo.

I never thought I would buy a Volvo. But I guess I am comparable to the stereotypical owner of a Volvo car - 2 kids, house, safety safety, but at least we don’t have a dog. I will not get one either. I usually don’t want to follow the main stream or obey for the stereotypical. But in this case I will no longer fight back. I like my choice. And it is nice to have a safe car among many other big cars like SUV and pick-ups that I will meet on the freeway and not at least motor homes and the enormous trucks.

You probably wonder if I am paid by Volvo. I am not! I like the car however and in fact the first one I really liked among the many models they have produced. It feels a little bit more feminine. And I like the fact that I got a NEW car - it will not happen for many years to come. I cannot wait to pick it up when we arrived to the US. ITS MINE! *SMILING*


  1. Tycker att denna är snygg. Det kommer att bli kanon. Nog har du rätt i att du kommer att tillbringa mycket mer tid i din bil när du bor här. Kul med ny bil. Här är ju Volvo inte alls så vanliga som hemma utan en fin och lite exclusiv bil. Är det denna ni skickar från Sverige med er eller kommer ni att köpa Volvon på plats här nere? Ha det gott.

  2. Det skulle vara kul att träffas när ni är här på plats och innan vi sticker hemåt till Sverige. Att få överlämna stafettpinnen som svensk bloggare i Alabama till dig personligen. Vi kan ju höras när ni är på plats här. Vi kommer nog att vara kvar här tills augusit iallfall.