Monday, May 10, 2010

My healthy year got a head start!

How much things can one press into an already tight schedule of full time work, dinners, birthdays, cooking, and kid’s activities, picking up and leaving school/day care, field trips, and business trips – away for days at a time, selling things on eBay and all the preparations necessary for MOVING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. Well, a few weeks back I was on the boarder line of stress and I could not guarantee I would even have heard what you would of said – I would probably responded with a “please write me a note and stick it into my note book or send me an email with the big letters IMPORTANT written in the subject – and you will have a better chance of having my attention.” I felt for a while like I was on a reserve engine - my automatic robot was on and I would just do anything to survive. On top of everything, I realized I seriously needed to diet too – how stupid is that! Or not stupid!?

At the doctors office a few weeks back I got a reality check on my weight status. How could I just totally have ignored the fact that I was growing bigger for each day? Denial? Most likely yes! Stress yes! But when I realized I weighed more than I thought I did and was shorter than I thought I was, and the doctor comment on it, got me to the point of – I cannot wait until I go to the YMCA, instead I need to start NOW.

So, on top of everything else to do I stared dieting. The first week was awful, tired, irritated, not focused at all, and the worst of all, I needed to stay home with a sick child and look at the refrigerator all day – that was a difficult and awful test of character. But I have made it and I feel so much better. I am not tired in the evenings, I can focus on the things I need to do and I don’t stress as much over everything. The result: I have lost 6 kg (13 pounds) and have additional 9 pounds to go before I reach my weight goal and the best of all, less fat to carry when I start exercise at the “Y” in a month time. One can always question how much I have lost in just a few weeks, but hey, psychologically it works – and that is all that matters right now!

After this year in the States with my healthy approach and awareness and diet, I will be the healthiest and best good looking 39 year old on the planet (according to myself!) – Right now I need to say good things about myself just to boost my ego so that my character will hold up against all the goodies out there.

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