Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New member of the YMCA

After consideration and trail period at different gym in town I have chosen to go with YMCA. They are the best when it comes to family activities. The whole family joins in for 60 dollars per month. Not bad. We can access the gym, basketball, aerobics, yoga, swimming pool etc etc.. and a climbing section for the kids while I am working out by my self. The kids loved it and wants to go back. Unfortunately, the swimming class for kids are already full so we need to wait until the fall season before we can sign up. But maybe he would like to try soccer this summer.

I would like to see the Family YMCA in Sweden too. I will miss that concept when going back home. It is nice to be able to bring your kids to activities where they can do stuff at the same time and not only be babysat while mom and dad is doing their exercise.

Thumbs up for the YMCA.

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